The Avengers S2

Jun 8

Mar 10

Tony Stark & Friendships

↳ [5/5] Tony Stark & Bruce Banner

So you’re saying that the Hulk… the other guy… saved my life? That’s nice. It’s a nice sentiment. Save it for what?

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Avengers Tarot by juliacross/菊叔

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Jul 26

Jun 16

Jun 10


Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) - Resource for Crime Writers


May 20

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May 13


It may seem like Japanese photo trends are taking over the Photojojo Tumblr, but how could we resist these postcards of cats dressed as sushi?

The Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts company have released a line of Neko-Sushi, literally “Sushi Cat” in Japanese. And if postcards aren’t enough, there’s even a Neko-Sushi mobile app.

Sushi Cats are the Latest Amazing Thing From Japan

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